january 12, 2003 (sunday)


6:00 AM - left for CCP's Cruise terminal
6:30 AM - bought tickets (package rates here)
7:30 AM - boarded the Sun Cruises ferry
8:00 AM++ - departure from Manila
9:00 AM++ - arrival at Corregidor
9:15 AM - start of tour
11:00 AM - lunch time. We were dropped off at the club.
1:00 PM - resume tour
3:00 pm - departure from Corregidor
4:10 pm - Manila arrival

Before you peep into our trip to Corregidor check this site first: What is Corregidor

We left for CCP at 6:00 am. By around 6:30 we are inside the ticketing office. We bought the cheapest package (tour and transfer only) since we brought our baon with us -- 1 bucket of chicken from KFC! (yummy pa rin kahit di na sya mainit) some sandwiches (peanut butter and jam sandwiches), bottled water and some chips.

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We boarded the Sun Cruises' ferry at around 7:30 AM.
We arrived at Corregidor ataround 9:00 am. Then we were transfered to this bus:
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and the tour begins.... by the way, they have a tourist guide each bus (i just forgot who our tourist guide is) ofcourse...

These are just some of our pictures, you can click here if you want to see more.

CCP's Cruise Terminal
CCPBay Cruise Terminal
CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard
Manila, Philippines

CCP = Cultural Center of the Philippines

L.A.K.W.A.T.S.A i.n.d.e.x


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